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What is Working Capital Loan and it’s Benefits

What is Working Capital Loan and it’s Benefits?

Payroll Financing is a new age lending service that helps employers with managing their cash flow and paying their employee’s salaries on time. 1 Click Capital’s 1Click Payroll is a unique product that brings in multi-faceted benefits to both employers as well as employees. Payroll often makes up a considerable amount of the running costs for every business. The success of a company depends on its employees, who are more than just cogs in the machine. In order to avoid excessive workplace stress, low morale, and eventually higher staff turnover, it is crucial that their salaries are paid on time.

Payroll financing is a unique and practical solution to this issue. This helps free up cash that would otherwise be occupied in outstanding invoices. In result, the extra cash not only makes regular salary payments possible but also ensures that business operations continue without interruption in the case of an unanticipated large cash outflow.

1 Click Payroll Process

Application Approval:

Once you submit your application our team starts working on it as soon as possible and contacts you within 12-24 hours to get more information and gather the documents required to process your application.

Upload Important Documents:

1 Click Capital approves your documents in less than 48 hours, a few basic criteria’s and you’re good to go. We then disburse the credit into your account on the decided terms.


You can avail the loan selecting the 28 days daily EMI option to repay the loan, with no “early payment” penalty.

Once you enroll with us for 1 Click Payroll, you form a bond of trust with 1 Click Capital which opens up various doors for you and your business.

Along with 1 Click Payroll you automatically get approved for 1 Click Salary Advance wherein your employees can request an advance contingency salary which can help them in the time of need.

Not only this, but 1 Click Capital also offered you a chance to apply for 1 Click Working Capital. Many times businesses are in need of working capital loans to support their businesses.

A working capital finance is a line of credit that is used to carry on the day to day operations and tasks of an organization. Daily tasks get hampered when a business is lacking in the free flow of working capital.

In order to have a smooth and seamless operation of the business working capital is really essential and that’s where 1 Click Capital comes into play.

What are the benefits of Working Capital?

Short Term Loan: The Working Capital payback tenure offers the borrower a considerably shorter loan tenure. The loan term can be tailored to the needs of the business and varies from lender to lender. The borrower does not need to make long-term EMI arrangements when applying for the loan because of the short tenure. This benefit of working capital loans gives relatively new businesses access to funds for a brief period of time.

Collateral: One of the essential benefits of 1 Click Working Capital Loans is that you have to put down no collateral. Usually depending on the lending service you are applying from, the loan can be secured or an unsecured one. With 1 Click Capital you have nothing to worry about.

Help during lean periods: If your company only makes money through certain seasons and experiences seasonal turnover. It could be difficult for you to run your firm effectively. Your annual revenues can decline as a result of this. A working capital loan is a good option to balance out your operational costs. You can use this loan to help you weather seasonal fluctuations in your income.

Repayment: The Working Capital Loan offers tailored repayment plans to coincide with the cash flows and revenues of your company. In designing the repayment schedule including tenures and interest rates, banks take into account the borrower’s financial capacity.       


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