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Role and Function of Human Resource Management

Role and Function of Human Resource Management

HR serves as a go between every employer and employee in order to ensure that the employees and employers work in tandem and do their jobs effectively. HR manager helps in maintaining the organizational and structural integrity of an organization.HR holds one of the most important duties in a firm which often goes unseen. Human resource management duties hold various facets from hiring and recruiting, to making sure the staff is paid on time, maintaining company culture, employee retention. It is HRs job to make a workplace environment which is beneficial for both the employers and the employees

Below are some of the Human Resource management functions that you need to know about.

Recruitment and Hiring Duties

Recruitment is one of the basic necessities of being into human resources. Recruitment is the process of screening and choosing qualified individuals based on the job position related criteria. This entails making job posts both internally and outside, reviewing prospective candidates’ resumes and other application materials, and holding preliminary interviews. To ensure that applicants are qualified to work for the organization, HR may also be in charge of professional reference checks and background checks. This process needs patience and skills to sort out the qualified from the unsuitable. This process draws qualified applicants while rejecting the ones that don’t match the criteria. Companies must develop appropriate staffing strategies and estimate the number of personnel they will require before beginning the recruitment process. Employee forecasting should take into account the association’s annual financial strategy as well as its short- and long-term goals.

Training and Orientation

Many organization fail to provide effective orientation. This is the first and most important step in assisting new hires in adjusting in the new position. Hiring capable candidates is just one part of the recruitment process. The orientation is the second step that determines the job roles of the new candidate. The organization’s aims and goals, as well as how the employee can contribute to achieving those objectives, should be included in the employee orientation session.

One of the main duties of human resource management is to give the employee a focused orientation. The programme should assist the individual in understanding his or her allocated responsibilities as well as any specific job descriptions, roles, and connections to other positions within the company. It makes it clear that the employee should participate actively in the company.

Maintaining Company Culture

It is the responsibility of HR management to provide employees with the ideal working conditions so that they enjoy coming to work and feel positive about the organization. It is HRs primary role to motivate a positive work environment. Another perception that the HR team should manage is that of employee well-being. Workplace wellbeing encourages job satisfaction. HRs have to involve the employees and make sure they are aware about the company’s values standards and vision. Organizing group outings, fostering a sense of community, and implementing any award or recognition program are additional ways HR departments can maintain high levels of employee enthusiasm

Employee Relationship

Employees are the nucleus of any organization. Employer employee relationship is a broad concept and it is one of the fundamental duties of human resource management. It impacts behavior and work of employees. Event arrangement should be planned that will help better understanding between employee and bosses. A carefully planned approach to employee relations will encourage a positive and harmonious working relationship between the employee and the company. It is an indicator that the company will be successful.

Make sure payrolls are processed on time

Another important aspect of HRM’s job responsibility is making sure all the employees are being paid their salaries on time. Payroll processing can be part of their job along with collaborating with the accounts team. HR should make sure employees get their deserved salaries. If circumstance occurs that the management cant process payrolls on time due to cash crunch HRM can suggest 1 Click Capital’s 1 Click Payroll services. 1 Click payroll helps employers get a line of credit in order to process payrolls at a low interest rate.


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