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What is Payroll Funding?

What is Payroll Funding?

Payroll funding or sometimes known as payroll financing is a type of lending service through which businesses can get capital in order to process their payrolls. Businesses can at times struggle with cash flow and meeting payrolls on time.

In these unprecedented times, small to medium business often find themselves in a bind when it comes to financing. Now more than ever it is getting tough for businesses to stay afloat. Payroll financing has become the need of the hour as organizations want to hold on to their staff and not wanting to see their employees leave.

According to a survey about 40% of businesses struggle with cash flow. Needing additional financing is not a sign of poor business management. Cash flow can be tight due to pending invoices, usually invoices have a 1 month to 60 day cycle. This can create a gap period when funds will be tight and processing payrolls will feel like a battle. It can be a sticky position to be in where you have to tell your employees they will not be getting their paycheck or receiving their paychecks late.

Our company’s primary goal is to keep your business afloat by making sure your employees are getting paid.

You may be running payroll on a weekly or monthly basis, 1 Click payroll can help you finance those payrolls.

1 Click capital offers payroll funding solutions businesses in need of capital. Since we don’t want to see your business failing just because cash reserves are temporarily low. Neither we want you to deal with banks or take traditional loans which may take weeks to get your loan approved or need a high credit score or collateral.

1 Click Capital’s 1 Click Payroll is a simple way to fund your payroll. We take pride in working with you the business owners so that you can run payroll on time and focus on expanding your business.

At 1 Click capital we like the keep things simple, you can get a line of credit to help you with running payroll on time in difficult circumstances like when cash flow is running low or invoices haven’t cleared on time. Unlike other traditional loans we don’t take weeks to process your funds or don’t ask for collateral, neither do we ask for very high interest rates in short there are no hoops to jump.

Delayed payrolls or completely negating payrolls can have a negative impact on your business. This can bring down employee morale and lead to employee turnover as well. If employees are worried about if they will be getting their next paychecks, it will hugely impact their productivity and confidence in you.

 At 1 Click Capital we take pleasure in being a payroll funding organization whose goal is to assist companies who are having trouble managing their cash flow. We don’t want to tamper with your company, modify it, or even worse, drive it out of business. We are merely here to assist businesses that are momentarily short on cash yet must make payroll deadlines. Until your finances are back in balance, our short-term payroll loans will keep you afloat.


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