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employee retention strategies

Employee Retention Strategies You Need to Enact on Now

Employers must continue to be on the lookout for the possibility of high performers quitting because many employees remain optimistic about their chances in the present job market.

It is time to make sure that your business is implementing all the right systems to create employee job satisfaction a reality and raise the chances of employee retention of your firm’s valued and skilled talent. In order to increase employee retention you need to first understand the reasons behind your employees leaving and looking for other opportunities and find out why your ex-employees tendered in their resignation in the past

When you feel you are at risk of losing your talented employees, you need to implement strategies that will help you retain your employees. 

So here are few strategies that will boost job satisfaction and in turn improve employee retention in your organization.

  • Create mentorship programs

When people feel they can grow and learn in an organization they tend to stick around longer. Hiring a new employee and providing them with a mentor is a great addition to your enhanced onboarding process. Mentors can welcome new staff to the group, offer guidance, and serve as a listening ear. It not only benefits new employees but also employers because new team members get knowledge from seasoned workers while the mentors get a different perspective.

Not only new employees, but also old employees will benefit greatly through a mentorship program and they will feel heard and also get a growth curve which will improve employee retention

  • Encourage teamwork

An organization should always work symbiotically with its employees. Encourage cooperation by providing opportunities for collaboration. You should encourage all your team members to contribute their ideas and suggestion. Each member should feel free and confident to come forward with an idea they have.

  • Train and Orient well

In addition to the job, your onboarding process should teach new hires about the corporate culture and how they may contribute succeed in it. The orientation and support you give an employee can determine how they behave during their whole employment with your company. The initial training and honing is the most crucial time for the employee and will set a tone for their whole company experience.

  • Market price compensation

In the competitive market there are a lot of organizations that will pay competitive price for honestly talented people. Make sure your company is paying competitive compensation to the employees also make it a point to evaluate from time to time and adjust their paychecks accordingly. Don’t skimp out on providing them health care benefits, pension policy, or bonuses, all these can help uplift employee job satisfaction and turn them into happy employees.

  • Timely Salaries

One of the most major reasons that employees are thinking of making a change and resigning is not getting their salaries on time or not getting them at all. Make sure to run your companies payroll on time and that your team members are all paid their salaries every month. If at certain point you find yourself in a position where the cash flow is tight or there is a credit crunch, you can think of enrolling for 1 Click Capital’s payroll funding. 1 Click payroll helps you pay your employees on time while you focus on developing your business.

  • Give Employees feedback

In these days it is essential to have a one on one meeting with your employees, talk to them, and get to know about their goals both long term and short term, understand how they visualize themself with the future of the company. Give them feedback on their work, these ideas and skills and let them know how and which area they can work and improve. Offer them help and guidance to hone their skills.

  • Prioritize Communication

In this day and age where work from home has become the new normal and remote work has overtaken on site work place environment, good work place communication has taken a back seat. As an employer make sure your employees feel they can communicate freely with you about any ideas, questions or concerns they may have. Listen to what they have to say and give them assurance that their queries and ideas are hear and will be implemented on. Also make sure your team has a good internal communication.

  • Help them maintain a healthy work life balance

A healthy work life balance is an essential part of job satisfaction for every employee. How you treat your employees time shows how you value your time. Understanding that they have a life outside work. Especially in the scenario of work from home it is easy to cross over the boundaries. So set healthy boundaries from the beginning. Value their time to they can value the work

  • Thank and Reward

As human being we all like to be appreciated and thanked from time to time. Make sure you recognize the hard work your staff is doing and come up with a rewards program and set it in motion. Many firms have employee of the month award or some incentive system that helps makes employees feel seen and appreciated for their efforts


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