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How can payroll financing help with business growth

How can Payroll Financing Help with Business Growth?

Payroll funding or sometimes known as payroll financing is a type of lending service through which businesses can get capital in order to process their payrolls.

Businesses can at times struggle with cash flow and meeting payrolls on time. 1 Click Payroll is an industry-first, low-cost, unsecured, short-term funding solution that assists corporates in meeting their payroll obligations on time regularly. Our cutting-edge digital tools and integrations ensure that you have access to capital in real time.

Every firm has operating costs, and payroll frequently accounts for a sizable portion of these costs. Employees are more than simply cogs in a machine; they are crucial to a business’ success. It’s critical that their salaries are paid on time in order to prevent excessive workplace stress, low morale, and eventually higher staff turnover.

Customers now frequently anticipate payment terms of at least 30 days. And to make matters worse, it’s difficult to manage cash flow because payments are sometimes late.

Payroll financing is a practical answer to this problem. This assists in releasing the money that would otherwise be locked up in unpaid invoices. In turn, the freed up cash not only enables timely salary payments but also maintains the smooth operation of the company even in the event of an unexpectedly huge outflow of cash.

How 1 Click Payroll works?

• Approval-

Following your application, 1 Click Capital team will reach out within 1 business day to gather documents and process your application.

• Funding-

1 Click Capital approves your application in less than 48 hours, a few basic criterias and you’re good to go.

• Repayment-

You have up to 28 days daily EMI option to repay the loan, with no “early payment” penalty.

What are the ways in which 1 Click Payroll helps your business growth?

Employee Retention

A successful company depends on its employees in many ways. Payroll that is not made on time can rapidly erode motivation and confidence. This can be avoided by timely payments each month without delay increasing the employee morale and retention.

Cash flow optimization

Payroll financing can make a huge difference with your cash flow problems. By releasing the money held back by unpaid bills, you can also use it to cover other running costs and take advantage of new business opportunities that you might otherwise have to pass up.

Flexible cash flow influx

We are able to evaluate and advance the cash in less than 24 hours, provided that all necessary documents are supplied in their whole. Additionally, you can choose to use our services as needed and only pay for the services that you really need. We are a quicker, more adaptable, and more effective substitute for the conventional financial products provided by traditional banks.

All these factors will help you make payrolls on time, which will highly benefit your organization. When your employees are content and happy, it makes a great impact on the overall productivity leading to business growth.


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