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How can HR managers improve employee stability and retention?

Employee retention is a challenging task every HR manager has to face in their career. Every individual working in the organization has a unique belief system and a different background. When the employee is going through difficult times, the circumstances make them think twice about their presence in the organization.

The HR manager’s job is to address the employee’s questions before looking for a job outside. There will be a time when employees will not communicate with the HR manager because they do not believe in asking the question. In such a situation, the HR managers have to be in the employee’s shoes to know what is going on in their minds.

Foundation should be built on solid pillars, which take the organization to the next level. Companies cannot sustain longer if their trained employees are leaving the space.

Top strategies to increase employee stability and retention in the organization.

Many actions are covered around the journey of the employee. Their experience with the organization decides how far the employee persists. Hence, the HR manager should know the touch point.

HR managers should keep an eye on each small event and activity involved in the organization to find out the root cause behind it. The following guide will help you find those touchpoints that trigger the decision to leave the organization.

1) Build the career of your employee

Every individual working in your organization might be specialized in some skill. The person’s efforts should be encouraged to make them top employees in their field. The organization should lay down the growth plan to know where the person is heading.

People generally leave the organization when they find their growth has slowed down. Even if you are paying them a high salary, there is a possibility that people will decide to leave your organization for better opportunities outside.

2) Influence of managers

Managers play a vital role in building an effective team. The influence of the reporting manager on the team determines the culture in the organization. If the manager is supportive, the employee will be encouraged to work in the group. In contrast, the dominating personality of the manager will create concern for the team. An employee working under such an unsympathetic manager will quit the job. So when it comes to hiring the managers, set the guidelines while appointing a person for the position.

3) Recognition

A motivated employee can do anything for the organization. When it comes to standing with the organization in a tough time, motivation alone can keep the team together. Build a culture where you recognize the employee’s contribution and let others in the group know what they have contributed to the organization’s growth. Efforts of the person should not go silent. Monthly awards, small gifts, or even a little speech about the employee’s contribution could make them work hard to achieve more for the organization.

4) Timely Salary

When we talk about retention, salary is another crucial aspect of keeping employees connected. Timely salary to the employee shows the integrity of the organization. Even if there is trouble disbursing the salary to the employee due to unforeseen events, the employee has the right to know the reason for the delay.

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Amid the pandemic situation, people working from home are more worried about the timely salary. You can offer them an advance wage, so they are not bothered about the paycheque. It will help you build strong relations with the employee in the long run.

5) Work-life balance

Work-life balance is one of the criteria workers add to their checklist when reviewing the company. The organization has to understand that they are dealing with human beings.

We are emotional being who needs resting time. Our body might be efficient in doing machine work, but the brain needs time to recover from the hectic workload.

Work-life balance is essential to build a strong bond between the family and work. If family life is compromised due to long working hours, the employee will not exert maximum effort. No work-life balance is also one of the reasons why employees leave the organization.

6) Flexible environment

In the modern business world, a flexible working environment is highly appreciated by the employee. People are looking for a work culture that is not bound with the rules. Especially the working hours are kept flexible in most startup companies to encourage creativity. People want to spend more time working on the organization to generate maximum output.

Flexibility boosts creativity and encourages people to stay focused on a task without worrying about leaving the office at a fixed time. They do not like the designated hours for creative work. Therefore, the HR manager should encourage a flexible work environment with a more professional approach.

Employees should come whenever they want and leave the office whenever they feel their routine task is over. Your employee will spend more time working on the project instead of going home at the selected time. Such culture in the organization will make people believe in the organization’s goal.


Employee retention strategies need close involvement to ensure every individual working for the company is happy and satisfied with their job. Begin with the basic things such as providing salaries on time. Implementing necessary things first and then adding more organizational changes will give you sufficient time to assess the outcome.

Work on up scaling the opportunity for the employee, re-skilling and overall development of the team. Identifying the reason behind the employee’s decision to leave could allow you to work on the root cause of the problem.

Employees are the backbone of the organization. HR Manager is the sole responsibility for keeping the energy high and balancing the employee’s work environment. Use the advance salary option offered by 1Click Capital to keep morale high.


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